About Brouwerij Cornelissen

Since the 1800s, the Cornelissen family has been brewing beer, and since 1859 they having been doing this in Opitter. Jef Cornelissen now represents the sixth generation at the helm. He combines craftsmanship and tradition with a touch of the newest techniques, resulting in a beautiful range of high-quality beers.

One that is enjoyed throughout the world. The best evidence of this are the many awards and (gold) medals that the exclusive beers from our Limburg family brewery have won at various international beer concours.

Traditional natural product

And even today, our brewery still stands by its authenticity. And that starts with ingredients of the very best quality. For example, did you know that beer connoisseurs can recognise our beers by their yeast? In fact, we do not simply purchase our yeast from a yeast supplier, we grow our own strains. The yeast is then regularly restarted from the original strain. This way we can guarantee the high, consistent quality of our beers.

We also use water from our own ground. We collect our water from a depth of 160 metres, so our supply of high-quality water is consistent. In combination with the passion and experience of our Master Brewers, this results in special beers with unique flavour sensations.

Breng ons een bezoek

Wil je de sfeer eens letterlijk en figuurlijk komen proeven? De geschiedenis beleven op de locatie waar al meer dan 160 jaar met liefde gebrouwen wordt? Dan ben je welkom bij Brouwerij Cornelissen. Plan je bezoek via de onderstaande link.